Welcome to The Green Closet!

Introducing Chef Marvin’s new blog!

Chef Marvin’s team will be posting weekly with fresh, useful information, and maybe even a prize! Through our multiple sections, including:

#CannaCollege! – Missed the course at your school? No Problem! Introducing #CannaCollege! Our section dedicated to the ins & outs of getting that THC degree. Classes include: Vaping 101, Dabs 101, Rolling 101, and many more!

Marv’s 420 Facts – See how well you know Ms. Jane. From quizzes to interesting facts, you’re bound to learn something new and insightful about Cannabis that will enhance your experience.

The Book of Jane – Aka the Good Book, this section is our way of introducing the Canna-Community, to the Canna-Community. Here we’ll post all the latest on the developments of Cannabis, and how its role is changing in the world. From new legislations, to general Canna-Congregations, this section is dedicated to showing the support behind Cannabis, as well as keeping you up to date.

Check out our first Addition to The Green Closet: The Book of Jane!

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