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Vaping Cannabis has become extremely popular within the last five or so years because of its versatility and ease of use. Vaporizers are alternatives to methods of intake that combust the Cannabis, such as smoking. This combustion is what creates ash and tar that comes with smoking.Because of this and it’s inconspicuity, vaping is much more widely accepted than smoking Cannabis. What used to be a novel method of consumption has become an important way that thousands administer their medicines each day.

Vaping dry herb works by heating the Cannabis between 350˚- 400˚ Fahrenheit, extracting the Cannabinoids without igniting the plant. Like this, you get all of the positive effects of the Cannabis without the negative effects of smoking. With this method, you can also eat the buds after vaping them because of the residual Cannabinoids that have been decarboxylated (activated) by the vaping that stay within the leftover plant. Cannabis extractions are used to create vape-able oils by infusing the oil into a base, usually vegetable glycerin, in order to achieve the right viscosity. Using an oil extraction based vape ensures that the maximum amount of compounds within the plant are absorbed, allowing the consumer to feel effects from not only the THC, but the whole spectrum of medicinal compounds within Cannabis.

With the influx of new companies producing oils, consumers must be wary of chemical additives which may give a false euphoric sensation, have a harsh taste or affect on the throat, and ultimately what makes you cough. These companies dilute the vape oil with additives for cheaper production costs, without care for the proven negative effects these can have over time. We at the Adventures of Marvin Jane use Chef Marv’s special process in order to create the finest and most pure vape oils. By using a bud-to-table approach, we create oils with no additives, bringing you the cleanest way to consume the medicinal effects of Cannabis.

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