New York’s Newest Canna-leader: Cynthia Nixon

This week, Chef Marvin and friends attended a talk hosted by gubernatorial candidate and popular actress, Cynthia Nixon at the Galvanize venue in SoHo, NYC. This meetup served as a dialogue between the NYC Cannabis community and herself, as a way of showing her support and to explain her position.

One of Cynthia Nixon’s main platforms in her campaign is the legalization of recreational Cannabis, and she has shown continued support. From her speech at the NYC Cannabis Parade to her appearances on popular news and television stations, Nixon has proved to all of us that she means business!

Cynthia’s talk on Monday featured an open discussion between the Canna-community and herself, where she clarified why she is passionate about Cannabis and Cynthia gave a rough idea of how she intends to implement legalization in New York. Her support for our community, and her tenaciousness shows the impact that she can have on the politics of Cannabis. Her outright support of Cannabis will help others to support and no longer have to hide their use for fear of stigmatization. Having such a popular name in media not only supporting the Cannabis industry but politically pursuing legalization in New York is an extremely big step for the NYC Canna-community!

Cynthia Nixon’s support and activism of Cannabis only goes to prove that Marvin Jane can be anybody. You never know who’s behind the mask!

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