We Are Chef Marvin Jane!

The New Face of Canna – Cuisine!

Chef Marvin Jane is the assumed Moniker of New York City’s premiere team of Cannabis Cuisine specialists. Chef Marvin and his team of dedicated professionals are reinventing Canna-Cuisine. With a skilled Chef, and an accomplished Apothecary of Herbs and Spices, we bring a fusion of New York style along with a worldly flare. With a medical degree and background in Healthcare, Chef Marvin has expanded his scope to include apothecary, entrées and handcrafted artisanal treats specializing in the art of processing Cannabis for inclusion in a balanced and therapeutic healthcare plan and diet.

New or old, the face of Cannabis and Cannabis use comes in many colors and from many places. Cannabis transcends all barriers, all cultures and all walks of Life. Cannabis Cuisine is evolving.

Cannabis and Healing

As a community we are learning everyday, and as a chef I have dedicated my life to sharing the knowledge of utilizing Cannabis as a medicinal and dietary supplement. With a whole plant, bud-to-table approach, we have developed a line of cooking extractions that will allow any cook to elevate their cuisine.

Chef Marvin has taken the act of cooking with cannabis, and has developed it into an art form. Offering a comprehensive line of gourmet cooking extracts, we have transformed edibles into indelible treats and important dietary supplements. Whether you are in need of gourmet catering and Chef services, or are looking for the perfect extracts to Chef it up at home, Chef Marvin is your comprehensive one stop resource to produce not only a delicious, but also beneficial end result.

Our Team

Our team works hard day-in and day-out to provide you with the quality Canna-Cuisine you deserve.